Horrible Histories Song - ROSA PARKS

Learn about the brave and brilliant Rosa Parks by listening to this great HORRIBLE HISTORIES SONG.   She was the driving force behind the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.

And it all started because she sat on the bus!

You can learn more  HERE.


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    1. I think the Horrible Histories program is a brilliant way to teach children history. And I love it too! : )

  2. Thanks for this very interesting information I read on the biography site! It's an unbelievable part of the US history. And only by the protest of such brave people like her, new laws were made for equal rights.
    Unfortunately the Horrible History song doesn't start on my computer. But I look out on YouTube. :-)

    1. Thanks for letting me know the Song didn't work. I hope I've fixed that now. It's a great song! : )


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