A Day at the Terrier Races

I love the art galleries, theatres and shopping opportunities of the city and I enjoy visiting London, BUT......  the truth is, I am a country girl at heart.  This weekend we attended a great country event, the Terrier Races at YARCOMBE .   

Terrier Racing is about the most fun you can have legally, stone-cold sober and fully dressed in a field. It's all for a good cause, the proceeds are donated to support Yarcombe's ancient, Norman church.  

As I understand it,  the participating dogs are family pets and are not trained to race.  They are terrier breeds and just can't help but chase after the lure or almost anything else that moves. In this event, the lure was a scented bag with a 'fox brush' attached to it.

The participating dogs are placed in a box called a trap, like the device used for greyhound racing.  The lure is activated, the trap doors open and mayhem ensues!

Some dogs run straight towards the finish line.  Some will attack the lure. Others will chase the other terriers.  One or two will run the wrong way.  All of this manic activity is accompanied by the excited yapping of dogs and cheering of the crowd.  The noise is deafening!

And when the race is over, the little dogs are tugging against their leads to do it all over again!  I love terrier racing but not nearly as much as the terriers do.   


  1. Very cute Deb... I wish you'd included at least one photo of the church. I'm nuts for ancient architecture!


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