How to Make Mud

Today I felt like spending some time in my 'Pottery'   Actually, it's the pottery/garage/garden shed/cat's summer house.  I confess, it isn't really a pottery but then I am not really at potter. 

But today I felt lucky.  I was sure I could just sit down a the wheel and whip out a really nice little pot.  The first one was a beauty and took no time to throw, then disaster struck. In haste and hubris, I destroyed the little pot taking it off the wheel.  Actually, I had the wheel spinning so fast the little pot flew across the room and crashed into the wall.  You real potters will know what I mean.  

My parents were great for confidence inspiring platitudes;  never give up, you can do ANYTHING if you put your mind to it, if at first you don't succeed, etc.  I am afraid I took what they said to heart and actually believe them, most of the time.   In that 'never admit defeat' spirit I threw another pot.  It was wonky.  I tried again and that one was even WORSE!   It was obvious that I wasn't going to create the perfect pot.

Undaunted, I turned my attention to recycling and reclaiming scraps of clay.  It was the task I should have been doing all along.  Surely, that's why I couldn't throw a proper pot.  

Ever the optimist, or perennial fool, I finished recycling the clay and tidied up my mess.  I was about to go to the kitchen and make some lunch when I was overwhelmed by the urge to sit down a the wheel and try one more time. Surely the Muses would favour me. I'd done the dirty work and would be rewarded for my efforts.

I wish I could tell you I made the most wonderful pot...a pot of perfection.. a masterpiece.  In truth, I made MUD!  Some days are like that.  No matter how many times you try again or how much you put your mind to it, you are going to end up with MUD!   But I wouldn't be surprised if I am not back out there trying again before the day is over because as we all know, you can never, ever give up!


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