Ide's Beautiful and Historic Cottages

After our large and delicious Sunday lunch at THE HUNTSMAN INN we decided to take a stroll through the charming village of Ide.   I tried to research the history of the village but could only find that it pre-dated the Doomsday Book.  There is a Roman hill fort nearby, so I assume there has been a settlement at Ide long before the Romans came to Britain. 

Today, Ide is a quiet village full of charming cottages.  This row of 17th century cottages is called 'The College'.   It's impossible to resist the urge to follow the path along the ford, so we took a wander down to see where it lead.

Along the way, we saw lots of lovely cottage gardens.   These baskets of apples were sitting on a garden wall, free for the taking!  In Devon, it's not unusual for cottagers to put out eggs, vegetables and home made jams for you to purchase.  There is always an 'HONESTY BOX' where you put your money. It's a system that seems to work very well.

Everywhere you look, there are interesting and individual houses.  No two are exactly alike.

Most of the cottages are beautifully traditional with slate or thatched roofs.

 This protective thatch roof over a doorway almost looks like a fat mushroom.

This cottage reminded me of the little French shops you see in Normandy with it's painted striped awning.  

Drake's Farm House sits majestically in the middle of the village.  It would appear that is was the finest house in Ide.  DRAKES FARM HOUSE is now a Bed and Breakfast. I'd love to spend a weekend there.  Grand as this big house is, there is one little cottage that steals the show!

Set in a perfect English garden, guarded by two giant topiary birds, sits a tiny cottage. It looks as if it should be in a story book.   You won't see it will take you by surprise...

The most perfect fairy tale cottage in all of Ide.... perhaps all of Devon!  


  1. What a pretty village, so typical of Devon.

    1. Makes you want to up sticks and relocate!

  2. Yep, you're right. I would most definitely like to stay there! ;)

  3. Thank you Debs for putting up these beautiful photos of Ide. I live in Australia, but my 3 x great grandfather is recorded as living at 'The College' on the 1881 English census. When we were there in 2012 we stayed at Drakes Farm.

    1. Hi Sue!

      I am glad you found my blog and the photos of Ide. We love visiting this charming little village and I've often imagined what it would be like to live in one of the cosy little cottages.


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