A Few of My Favourite Things - Pencils and Bull Dog Clips

In a previous life I was an Accountant.  I suppose this accounts for my delight in certain forms of stationery.  I love thick, good quality envelopes, expensive fountain pens, and bull dog clips.

If you want to make me squeal with delight, present me with a box of bull dog clips in various sizes.

A box of giant fold-back clips was a most welcome gift from Andy, as was this spiffy pencil sharpener.  It's just like the ones I remember from school!

It was another gift from our friend, Julian, and in constant use during Tax Time.   Thanks, Julian!

I also love these paint-free pencils, perfect for gnawing when you need to concentrate on a tricky problem.   It's the simple things, and stationery, that makes for a happy life!