£1.99 Tulips - 'White Marvel'

I know this isn't the most economical way to purchase tulips, three bulbs for £1.99, but I saw them at the garden centre and had to have them. 

They were three little White Marvel tulips planted in a small pot, just tight buds when I bought them.  

After a week or so on the kitchen window ledge they started to stretch up and open.

Now they are on the chest in the sitting room, looking gorgeous!  At first sight they seem to be pure white but if you look closely you will see a faint touch of mauve veining.

When they've finished blooming in the house, I'll transplant them into the garden.  £1.99 isn't bad for a perpetual tulip posy! 


  1. Lovely! There's just something about the onset of Spring that make you want to have flowers in the house! xCathy

  2. Your tulips are a wonderful heralds of spring! Very lovely colour!

  3. Such a bargain and you will have them again next year!


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