Orange Drizzle Muffins

Have you noticed, oranges are everywhere right now!  I read a lot of cookery bloggers and they are busy boiling up marmalade and making all sorts of Blood Orange confections.  I even saw a recipe for Blood Orange Panna Cotta. 

Now, I don't usually go in for anything that exotic.  Matter of fact, I don't think I've ever eaten a blood orange in my life but I do keep tangerines, clementines, and old fashioned oranges in my fruit bowl.  

So with a surfeit of oranges, I decided to jump on the orange band waggon and make Orange Drizzle Muffins.  

It's a bit of a cheat really, because all you have to do is replace the lemon in my LEMON DRIZZLE MUFFIN RECIPE with the zest and juice of an orange to make this recipe.  

I suppose you could even use one of those trendy Blood Oranges to make these muffins but if it's round and orange any variety will work. 

CLICK HERE TO GET THE RECIPE, just remember to replace the lemon with a juicy ORANGE!   Like they say, it's easy, peasy orange squeezy.


  1. Great idea for sunday afternoon! I picked the recipe and will try it!
    Greetings Calendula

  2. These look so moist and tasty and the orange coloured cake cases compliment them beautifully!

  3. This is a great idea, not sure blood oranges would add anything to the muffins!


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