Work in Progress

It is bitterly cold today, colder than it has been for most of the winter.  I have to say, I am not looking forward to working on my pottery projects.  The 'pottery' is really just a corner of the unheated garage.

It's not too bad when the kiln is belching out heat.  Unfortunately, nothing is being fired today so my only source of heat is this...

So I've put on several layers of clothing, topped off with my work smock, and an apron.  It's not a glamorous look but it's warm. 

I've thrown a rather nice little bowl.  Now it's time to get down to the really messy job, recycling clay.

Most professional potters collect large amounts of trimmings before recycling them into reusable clay.  I keep my scraps in old plastic candy tubs and recycle small batches.  I don't have an inch of storage to spare. 

I've brought the damp greenware into the house to dry.  It's a slow process and there are no shortcuts, but we are making progress... slowly.


  1. Hope you manage to stay warm! I love your pottery. Is some of it for sale?

    1. I am not a production potter but I'd be happy to make something for you, if you like.

  2. Your pieces are wonderful - you are very talented!

  3. Your pottery pieces are wonderful! I have always wanted a go on a potters wheel and when I was small I used to imitate the hand and foot action!!!


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