Cake Baking, Take 2

I've had a terrible time trying to bake a cake today.  Everything was going well until I got into a muddle with the KitchenAid.   I confused the lever which starts the mixer with the lever that lowers the paddle into the mixing bowl.  I think there is still some cake batter on the ceiling.  

Then I used the wrong size baking tin and this is what happened while the cake was in the oven..

I thought, 'I can salvage this' but no.  When I took the cake out of the oven it fell flatter than a pancake.  It was completely hollow inside!  Well, I am not a woman easily defeated!

If first you don't succeed, bake a different recipe!  


  1. Nooooo! Some days things just don't go right! Thank you for your reply in the previous post. I love your little bowls. Perhaps you could let me know how much one would be.

  2. Oh dear, I know this myself! There are such days! Don't worry, they happen to everybody. :-)
    Greetings Calendula


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