A Bluebell Wood Called Blackberry Camp

We live in an historic part of Britain.  All around us are the ruins of Roman walls, ancient castles, cathedrals, and iron age fortifications.  Many of the cottages in the area have been around for 500 years!  I love these old buildings but sometimes the most interesting thing about these places is what happens when the people abandon them and nature reclaims them.  

Blackberry Camp is one of those magical places.  It was an iron age fortress now inhabited by a bluebell woods. 

Every spring, the floor of the woods becomes a sea of tiny blue flowers and people come from miles around to walk along the raised banks and enjoy the most beautiful display.  

We had a picnic lunch there today, along with several dozens of other visitors. 

Busy as it was, it still seems a magical place.  You half expect Merlin to step out of the mossy trunk of an old tree.

If there are Sprites and Fairies, this is where they must live. 

We were a little early for the full display of colour.  These bluebells are just beginning to open.

I'd love to go back, very early in the morning, and see if I can catch the fairies as they are just waking up!  


  1. Magical! I'm sure there must be fairies!

  2. This place looks as though it should be in a story book, just stunning and untouched x

  3. Such a beautiful place! All these blue flowers! Thanks for sharing!


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