Early Morning Snaps of the Garden

We've had several days of warm sun which has brought out the best in the garden.  Here are some snaps of the best blooms in the garden this morning.

Acers are my favourite trees and they are now in full bloom.  The flowers are so delicate you hardly notice them.

Under the largest Acer the dark tulip are starting to open.

There are just a few yellow tulips left, they are nearly finished.

But the azaleas are now getting started.

These peach daffodils have the most delicate colour.  I really must try to plant more of these this Autumn.  

It's a dazzlingly bright day full of bees and blossom.  On a day like today, it's easy to forget the cold, wet days of winter. 


  1. Yes indeed Acers are so beautiful, especially the Japanese ones. Last photo which shows a corner with some Acers looks wonderful, everything is crisp and fresh in spring. Enjoy your moments outside.

    1. You are such a wonderful gardener, I am very grateful for your kind compliment. x

  2. Like I said on twitter I love those peaches colored daffodils! I wish I had a green thumb! You have a gorgeous garden I'm envious of!

    1. My thumbs are far from green, I just have some self-sufficient plants who get on with it despite me! ; D


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