It's Bananas!

Did you see that news article that said we need to eat TEN portions of fruit and vegetables a day!  That's 10 full size portions a day.

Do you have any idea how much food that really is?  It's a massive amount and would require almost constant grazing to consume it.

For the past couple of days I've tried to eat as many fruits and vegetable as I can.  I haven't gotten near to eating ten.  Then a thought struck me, is this just an exercise in Psychology? 

Do they think if they tell us to eat ten servings a day, we will finally get into the habit of eating the five fruits and veg originally recommended?   Hmmm... it's food for thought.   

Click HERE for the original article on 10 A DAY.


  1. My thoughts exactly! I love fruit and vegetables, but would have to eat them almost exclusively in order to achieve the ten a day!

    1. I take all of these reports with a grain of salt. We all know it's best to eat a little of everything and not a lot of anything. : D

  2. In that case, I am going to start counting cocoa beans as vegetables and raspberry jam as fruit!

  3. I could not help laughing: ten portions of fruit and vegetables a day, help that will be a very unbalanced diet because I can eat nothing more.


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