Wanted - The Best Recipe for a Chocolate Loaf Cake

I have a favour to ask of you.  I would like to find a recipe for a VERY good chocolate loaf cake.  I've tried a couple recipes but haven't found the perfect one yet. 

Today I baked a chocolate and coffee loaf cake.  It looked the business, topped with a coffee glaze.

But the texture was a little disappointing and there was a slight bitter taste to the sponge.  

It's a good cake, but not a brilliant one.  So... if you have a superb chocolate loaf cake recipe would you please share it with us?   Thank you! 


  1. Your cake certainly looks delicious. I don't have a favourite recipe for a chocolate loaf cake, but here is a chocolate and vanilla one from Mary Berry http://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/recipes/8737915/Mary-Berrys-chocolate-and-vanilla-marble-loaf-recipe.html
    I've not tried it so don't know what it is like and maybe not exactly what you were looking for.

    1. Mary Berry is brilliant so I am sure this cake will be lovely! Thank you for suggesting it. I will give it a try. X

  2. I like Nigella's quadruple chocolate loaf cake :-) http://www.nigella.com/recipes/view/quadruple-chocolate-loaf-cake-130

    1. Thank you!!!!! I love Nigella's Mediera Cake recipe so I am sure this will be delicious, too.

  3. This is a Nigella one..judging by the sticky pages I must have made it lots: 225g soft unsalted butter/375 g dark muscovado sugar/ 2 lge beaten eggs/ 1tsp vanilla essence/100melted dark choc/200g plain flour/1tsp bicarb/250ml boiling water
    Oven 190deg C, MK5.
    Grease & line loaf tin as cake very sticky
    Cream buttr & sug. Add eggs, vanilla, fold in cooled choc. Gently add flour alt with boiling water.Pour smooth liquid batter mix into tin. Bake 30 mns. Trun oven down to 170deg/mk 3.Cook 15 mns. NB skewer won't come out clean. Turn out when cold. Will improve with age...(sinking in middle part of cake)

    1. Thanks, Carol! I'll give this recipe a try. You can't go wrong with THE domestic goddess, Nigella.

  4. Dear Deb,
    I have a recipe of a "rich" chocolate cake. Perhaps you like it. I hope, it is translated properly.

    175 g butter
    175 g sugar
    1 tablespoon vanilla sugar
    2 tablespoons milk
    1 prize salt
    5 eggs
    250 g flour
    50 g cornstarch
    2 teaspoons baking powder
    100 g grated dark chocolate

    Preheat the oven to 180°C.
    Cream the butter and sugar/vanillasugar together. Add the milk and salt and then (one by one) the eggs. Mix the flour, baking powder and the starch and add it to the batter. Add the grated chocolate spoon by spoon. (If you like add some sour cherries)
    Put the batter into the form and bake it at 180°C about 1 hour.
    Spread 2 tablespoons hot apricot-confiture on the cooled cake.
    Then cover the cake with chocolate coating.


    1. Your recipe sounds lovely! I know the cornstarch will make the cake light and tender. I must give this a try.


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