A Very British Summer's Day

Recently there has been a lot of debate on the news as to what it means to be British. Can naturalised citizens ever be truly British? The Prime Minister says it's about values, speaking the language, and a sense of fair play.  

This debate lead me to think about what it takes to make the perfect British summer's day.   For example, roses with blooms as big as dinner plates!

Or roses with more petals than you can count....and

Lavender hedges that hum with bees and smell like a giant bar of soap... and

Warm strawberries slowly ripening in the sun .....

Which get made into jam, to eat with scones for afternoon tea.  Perhaps the appreciation of these things should be included in the Prime Minister's list of what it means to be British.  


  1. Beautiful! And definitely the essence of a lovely summer's day :)

  2. Beautiful English roses and scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream, so very British, I love it.

  3. I love your idea of a perfect British summer's day. Add a pot of Ceylon tea and it'd be my perfect day too!


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