Shropshire Lad

Here's the latest acquisition  in my growing collection of David Austin roses, Shropshire Lad.  It was recommended by my gardening guru, Georgie Newbery of COMMON FARM FLOWERS.  She is brilliant as is Shropshire Lad.

For more floral temptations visit DAVID AUSTIN ROSES.  


  1. This is definitely one of David Austin's best roses, so beautiful and healthy. We bought it when we were on holidays in Shropshire two years ago as a souvenir. At that time we also visited the garden and nursery of David Austin.

    1. I am so jealous! I'd love to visit the David Austin garden. I adore the colour of this rose. I find I am being drawn more towards the delicate shades of pink and peach.

  2. Love this rose - saw it in David Austin's gardens when I visited. Beautiful scent too. Funnily enough, my train from Marylebone to Brum was called A Shropshire Lad! The book of poems by A. E. Housman called A Shropshire Lad is worth a read, if you like that sort of thing.


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