Carrot Chutney and Cheese Sandwiches

There is a certain large department store with a famous food hall that makes the best sandwiches.  My favourite is Wensleydale Cheese and Carrot Chutney.  I am an addict.  

Thanks to this MOCKS & SPENCER SWEET CARROT CHUTNEY RECIPE from the Crafty Garden Hoe I should be able to make one at home any time I like.  

Pop over to the Crafty Garden Hoe Website for the recipe and so much more! 


  1. I've never thought of making carrot chutney, but it looks and sounds good. Thanks for the link. :)

  2. I had my first sandwich for lunch today. It was delicious, all down to the lovely chutney recipe. I hope you give it a try.

  3. Hi Deb's

    I'm dead chuffed you've given my chutney a go, the piccy looks fab!

    Almost time to make my next batch with this years carrots from down the allotment.:)

    Emma (crafty garden hoe) x

    1. OMG, Emma, it's fabulous! Thank you for sharing your brilliant recipe with us. X


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