Almost Wordless Wednesday - CAT-NIP!

You may remember from a previous post that the Dust Bunny had received snail mail from CELIA HART'S STUDIO ASSISTANTS .   It was a parcel containing some lovely catnip plants which the Dust Bunny loves... as you can see....

We all love a sunny morning in a garden filled with flowers...even little Dust Bunnies. 


  1. Mon plant n'a pas le temps de fleurir…tondu au fur et à mesure qu'il pousse !

    1. You are SO right! We must have a sprig each morning to start the day.

  2. Adorable!! And yes!! Happy sunny days in the garden are best!! Wishing you a lovely Wednesday! Nicole xo

  3. That Dust Bunny feels so comfortably high in the sky near the catnip plant.


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