More 'Flaars' and a Heat Wave

We are experiencing a mini-heatwave, well what we call a heatwave in Devon. The temperature may reach 27 degrees Celsius or 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  For us that is HOT!

The little black cat and I don't like the heat but the flowers love it!

So I've taken the opportunity to remove some of the older plants past their best and add a few new ones to the borders. 

All this takes place under the watchful eye of the head gardener, the Dust Bunny.

He makes sure I do everything properly.  He's most meticulous.

I've planted several peach salvias.  They should winter over ... I hope!

Now we just water and wait for them to grow.  If you are looking for the head gardener, he's napping in the shade under the big garden umbrella.  


  1. 30-32° ici et humide…yeurk !

    1. I remember weather like that from my years living in Missouri. It made summer very hard work. I hope you can find a cool place to enjoy.

  2. Oui, au "frais" à 20° sans clim'.

  3. Yes in Holland it´s also very hot and we are not used to it. Flowers are fading away very fast now and we keep watering because we even do not get enough rain. All the thunder storms are passing us.
    Your Dust Bunny with you in the garden makes my day! He is a beauty.

  4. Hello Deb, I am so happy to meet you and to have found your lovely blog. Your garden is beautiful and your cat . . . well he looks just like our late "Rocko" who lived to be twenty-two years and then was attacked by a neighbor's dog. He was a part of our family and will always be remembers.
    Your chocolate muffins look wonderful . . . I love muffins, so I will probably be trying your recipe.
    I just came in from working outside and had to head straight for the shower . . . our temperature is at 97 and I was wilting in the heat. I plan on spending the rest of my day inside with the air conditioner on, LOL. I am your newest follwer and I would love to invite you over to follow me back. I have met the nicest people through blogging.
    Have a lovely day.
    Connie :)


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