Strawberry Shortcakes and Vanilla Sugar

Our tiny strawberry patch is now in full production.  Each day I collect a good handful or two of berries.  The ugly berries go into jam, the pretty ones get eaten right away.

I like to slice the berries, toss them with a big spoonful of vanilla sugar*, and eat them with cream or yogurt.  

Today we have scones left over from yesterday's afternoon tea.   There's only one thing to do....

Eat strawberry shortcake!  

*To make vanilla sugar:

Split a vanilla bean in half and scrape out the seeds.  Stir the seeds into a cup or two of fine sugar.  Pour the vanilla scented sugar into an airtight container, add the 'bean' pieces and seal the container.  After a few days the sugar will be ready to use in coffee, for baking, or over fresh strawberries.  


  1. Such a good idea to make your own vanilla sugar, much better than the ready bought vanilla sugar.
    Scones and strawberries always delicious.

  2. I have lavender sugar, but I shall try this. Love strawberry shortcake!


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