Cheat's Frothy Coffee

For years Andy has been bugging me about getting a coffee machine.  You know, the kind that takes up half the kitchen cabinet and makes that steamed milk you get in expensive coffee shops.  

Sometimes I think he does it to wind me up but I think he'd really love to have one.  The fact is, we just don't have room for anymore kitchen gadgets. Fortunately,  I've found an easy way to make frothy coffee WITHOUT the expensive machinery. 

The only equipment you need is a screw top jar and a microwave oven.   Here's how to do it.  Use a jar that is much bigger than the amount of milk you are going to froth.  Pour in the cold milk leaving 2/3 of jar empty.  Screw on the lid and shake!   Shake like mad for about 30 seconds.  The milk will become frothy and nearly fill the jar.

Remove the lid and place the jar into the microwave oven.   Zap the milk, using high power, for about 30 seconds.  You want the milk steaming hot but not boiling over.  (Yes, I took my eye off it and it bubbled out of the jar when I wasn't looking)  

Carefully pour the hot milk into your freshly prepared coffee and spoon over the fabulous froth!  

Now here's the science bit:  
Use semi-skimmed (2 percent) milk for the best froth.  Heating the bubbles stabilises the milk proteins and turns them into froth.  You can really cheat and use instant coffee...that's not science, it's just sneaky!  Enjoy! 


  1. We haven't got a microwave, but we have a Tassimo machine, It does make really great drinks.

  2. What a clever idea ! That coffee would go really well with one of the muffins which I have just spotted in your previous post.

    1. From now on all my coffee will have froth! : D

  3. What a coincidence, we were only looking at one of those all singing coffee machines yesterday.
    Going to give this a whirl instead.
    Heather :)

  4. Oh thank you - frothy milk is always such a treat on coffee & now I know how to do it ….


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