Milk Chocolate Chips!

When Andy travels, and he frequently does, I give him a wish list of things I'd like him to bring back.  Usually it's things like candy corn, Gardetto's, and Toll House Chocolate Chips, things I can't find in our local shops.  

I put in my order for Toll House Chips and he came home with at least a kilo of milk chocolate and semi-sweet chips!  

We'd never had the milk chocolate chips before so a batch of cookies was required for a taste test.   I used my tried and tested FAVOURITE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE RECIPE.

So far, they look good...

Of course, I had to have a little nibble of the dough before it was baked.  That's my favourite bit.  

And the final product ... you can't tell the difference by looking.  As for the taste, they are very good.  I suppose the moral of the story is -  whether semi-sweet or milk chocolate you can't beat a home made chocolate chip cookie. 

To bake a batch, CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE.  You can even go mad and use white chocolate chips! 


  1. Not sure if this is a duplicate comment, my computer is on the go slow.

    I found your choc chip cookie recipe a while ago, I purchased some of the semi sweet choc chips from amazon, I must get some more soon and I am also going to try Reese's peanut butter chips, have you tried them before?

    1. I've never tried the peanut butter chips but I am sure they will be delicious!

  2. hello ,
    we love chocolate chip cookies,too.
    have a nice rest week,

    1. I don't know anyone who doesn't like choc chip cookies. : D

  3. I am with you on these chips! You can't beat them and your cookies look amazing!!! Happy baking friend! Nicole xo

  4. Cookies look really really good!

  5. Oh my gosh - what a fabulous gift of chocolate bits. I am going to try your recipe because we all love something rich in the colder weather. Thanks for the recipe ….


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