The Tally Ho Pub at Littlehempston

Today has been one of those almost perfect spring Saturdays.  The sun is bright, the wildflowers are in bloom, and the Devon countryside couldn't look prettier... so we headed out to find a good pub lunch.  

We have fallen in love with the village of Littlehempston and the community owned pub, the Tally Ho.  Pubs have been closing at an alarming rate in Britain. To assure the future of this lovely little pub,  a group of supporters purchased it and have established an investment plan.  You can purchase shares in the Tally Ho, too.   We've decided to support the Tally Ho by eating here as often as possible.

After a delicious and very filling lunch, we decided to take a wander around the pretty little village.   The pub was once a church house, as were the little stone cottages.

And the old Rectory...

Behind the Rectory I spied this lovely little garden.

And a beautifully tended orchard and vegetable patch.

At the end of the orchard is this stone bridge which spans a sparkling stream.

Actually, I suppose technically this is a river.  You can't get into or out of Littlehemston without crossing at least one stone bridge.

This thatched farmhouse can only be accessed by crossing a tiny humpback bridge.  It's all so beautiful!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Tally Ho Inn. 

If you are ever in the area, do visit Littlehempston.  It is small but ever so perfectly formed.


  1. Another lovely Brittish place to visit. I love that thatched roof on the cottage, the stone bridges, that church with probably an old graveyard and the old inns and pubs. Such a shame that many of them are closed these days. When we ever visit Littlehempston, we definitely will have lunch in Tally Ho.

  2. What a fab little pub - I love quaint villages …..

  3. Totally agree! Fabulous Pub & fantastic food!! Always a friendly welcome. Buy shares- I did!!!! Take care x


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