Gardening Without a Greenhouse

This is the time of year when pots of seedlings fill every window sill in the house.  It feels as if a jungle is gradually taking over the place. In a perfect world I'd have a greenhouse....needless to say, this is not a perfect world.  But I do have an idea that will help to get the young plants off the window sills and out into the garden. Here it is:

I know, I know... it isn't a greenhouse.  It's a plastic storage bin and it works pretty well as a tiny, substitute greenhouse.  

Just pop the plants that need hardening off into the bin.  Leave the lid off during the day so they get a bit of sun and some air circulation. 

In the evening,  snap on the lid to keep the plants safe from slugs and snails.  If there is a chance of frost, the whole bin goes into the garage to provide just a little extra protection. Best of all, you can stack several bins on top of one another to make multi-story greenhouses.   Soon these plants will be in the borders and those little seedlings will move into the greenhouse bins and I can have my house back! 


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