Lilacs in Miniature

Here in Britain supermarkets do some very clever marketing tricks to get you to make impulse purchases.  For example, they put chocolate bars on racks at the end of the checkout line so they are the last things you see in the shop.  Even if you resist the 'naughty aisle' full of cakes, cookies, and confectionery when shopping they get you on the way out. 

In the spring and summer months they have plants on big racks immediately outside the entrance to the shop.  You have no choice but to walk by these floral displays.  They get you coming and going! 

The scent pulled me in for a look as I entered the market to do some shopping.  At first I was strong, just took a deep sniff of lilac perfume and went in to finish my errands.  Now, here comes the ridiculous part of the story; I did my shopping, walked past the little lilac plants, and drove the eight miles home and put away the groceries... all the time wishing I'd bought that tiny lilac plant.  

I've come to learn that sometimes resistance is futile.  I HAD to have one of those lilacs....SO.... I got back in the car, drove eight miles to the supermarket, and bought the most floriferous plant I could find. I HAD to do it!  This little lilac lives happily in a big flower pot in the back of the border until spring when she comes into beautifully scented bloom.  I set her next to the French doors so the intoxicating scent of lilac is brought into the house on the warm, spring breeze.  

The moral of this story:  if you see a dwarf lilac plant for sale, BUY it!  


  1. I wouldn't have hesitated, it is beautiful!

  2. That could happen to me, too! I often stand in front of the rack and think: "NO, not another plant." OR "NO, you can't rescue every plant that looks at you and tells you 'buy me, I don't feel comfortable here.'
    In the end, it is in the shopping cart! :-)

    1. We could have worse habits than buying sad little plants. ; D I am sure they appreciate having a good home. We are really performing a public service.


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