Outrageously Orange

When Andy and I first got married and moved into our house, Uncle Richard gave us a cutting of this poppy for our garden.  I have no idea what the actual name of the poppy is, we just call it Uncle Richard. 

It was a cutting from his garden where it grew in tidy little mounds no taller than 10 or 12 inches high.  In our garden, it grows tall and a bit leggy but the flowers are incredibly large and bright.  It has self-seeded and moved around the borders of its own accord and we have given it free-range to do as it pleases.

Something quite magical has happened this spring.  Uncle Richard's poppy has sown itself right into the middle of the orange rose bush.  The roses and poppies are exactly the same colour and match perfectly.  

I couldn't have chosen a better combination of plants if I'd tried.  It seems as if plants just know where they should be in a garden.  Some of the most stunning planting arrangements just happen by accident.  Uncle Richard has been gone for several several years now.  We miss him very much.  But he was a bit mischievous, in the nicest way.  I can't help but think he's had a hand in this happy accident of nature.  Uncle Richard may be gone but he certainly hasn't stopped gardening!  


  1. What a bright color! I also think that plants like to choose their favorite places themselves! They grow much stronger than in the place I want them to grow! :-)

    1. I learned a long time ago Nature is a much better garden designer than I will ever be. :D


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