A Grand Velo Vintage Day Out at Seaton - Part 1

It has been hot, SO HOT.  Scorching hot, but that didn't stop the VELO VINTAGE summer event from being as stylish as ever!  I mean, what other cycling club invites you to their events to 'cycle, take tea, converse, and dress with style'?

So we popped over to Seaton, Devon on Saturday to take some snaps before the cyclists set off.  Just in time to see the tram pull into the new station.

The riders put great thought and effort into making themselves and their bikes look absolutely smashing.

 These ladies were arranging REAL flowers in this bike basket.

And there were yarn-bombed baskets, too.

Some baskets contained just the basic necessities like a cool drink and a faithful Teddy. 

The dress code is in the title, VINTAGE.  The guidelines are from the 1920's to the 1950's and the attention to detail is amazing, even down to the waxed moustache!

This lady was dressed in the seasonal fruit of the day, cherries!  She was perfectly coordinated.  I'd love to have that cherry scarf.

A stylish chap in a Boater hat was down from London especially for the ride.  He reminded me of a character from a P.G. Wodehouse novel.  It was all I could do not to call out 'What Ho, Bertie' as he strode by.

It was lovely to see some new riders and some familiar faces, too.  The butcher is a dedicated Velo rider. 

Perhaps these folks were the most appropriately dressed for the occasion. After all, Seaton is a seaside town!

More to come in Part 2, when the Velo Vintage riders take their places for the off! 


  1. I love those vintage bicycles and historical clothes! The couple on the last photo makes me really laugh! :-)
    I'm looking forward to the second part!

    1. These events are so much fun! I'd love to participate in the ride but I don't have a bicycle!

  2. That must have been a day full of fun, I love all these different summer dresses. They had the perfect weather sunny and dry, like we have here. For the gardens far too dry but we must not complain.....

    1. It was a lovely, sunny day but too hot for me! Gardening has been hard work this summer with all the unusually hot, dry weather but the roses LOVE it.


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