And They're Off! A Grand Velo Vintage Day Out - Part 2

When last we saw the Velo Vintage riders they were taking tea and having a pre-ride bacon roll.  Well, you really must have the proper fuel for such an event.  A group photo was taken....

and final instructions given before the riders mounted their velocipedes. 

There is always a little organised chaos as the cyclists form a relatively orderly cue.

This is one of my favourite bits when you finally get to see everyone in their finest clothes matched up to their cycles.  Until now you can only guess who is riding what.

Gradually everyone finds a place, pairs couple up...

Friends collect in jolly little groups.

Some riders seem to be in serious contemplation. 

Others seem to be more relaxed. 

The outriders take their place in front...

The Safety Car takes its place behind the final cyclist.  (Not so sure if she feels that safe!)   And they are OFF - the beginning of a day of cycling, taking tea, conversation, and dressing with style.... and a whole lot more!  Thank you VELO VINTAGE  and all the riders who made this event such a grand day out!