Autumn Allotment

Lots of bloggers have wordless Wednesday.  I am too verbose to be totally wordless. But today I am just going to show you some photos I took early this morning as I walked through our local allotments.  Gone is the fresh, bright beauty of summer but left behind is the gentle decline and a ragged beauty of Autumn.  I think it's enchanting. 


  1. These are GORGEOUS - and I do mean GORGEOUS - photographs. I need to take photography lessons from you! I'm useless/hopeless with a camera. I might use one of these as my autumn desktop. This farmer's daughter especially loves the pumpkin piccies.

    1. Hi D.

      Thanks for your very kind comments. I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to photos. I just have a very clever camera and some wonderful surroundings. You are too harsh on your photographic skills. You always have lovely photos on your blog/website. Feel free to use my pix as you will. I enjoy sharing them and am very flattered by your kindness. : )


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