The 2012 Apple Harvest

There comes a time when you have to make up your mind.  Do you pick the apples all at once or do you leave them to ripen on the tree? 

I've noticed something is eating holes into the flesh of my best apples.  If this continues, I won't have any left.  I consulted the head gardener.

He is the quiet type, doesn't say much but indicated that it was up to me and I should use my best judgement.  I went over to the apple trees and cupped a red apple in my hand.  To my surprise, it just came off!  

Right, be bold, make a decision.... pick the apples!  Some were ready to drop and didn't need any encouragement.  Others were more resistant and needed a little twist to get them off the branch.  I suppose they weren't ready to leave their summertime friends, the spiders!  Augh!

I confess, I am not good with bugs... I am worse with spiders.  This apple wasn't picked it was YANKED off the tree!  

I picked and picked apples.  I lost count around 30.  That's not bad for two little espalier trees.  My apples aren't perfect, some aren't even round!  Some are still a bit green in places but I think they will ripen.  A few have spots, but I didn't spray them.  They are as Nature intends apples to be. 

Now the little apple trees are empty except for the raggedy old leaves.  They won't hang on much longer either.  The apples trees deserve a winter rest.  They have worked very hard this year and have given me an excellent harvest. 

The head gardener would never say it, but I think he is pleased with our little crop, too!


  1. They look gorgeous! What varieties are they?


    1. They aren't too scruffy considering I don't have the slightest idea what I am doing when it comes to apples. The red apples are called 'Scrumptious' and the ones that are mostly yellow are 'James Grieve'. The James Grieve gave me twice as many apples and seem to be more pest and disease resistant.

      Thanks for the kind compliment!
      Debs X

  2. Our apples are still on the tree. I bit in one, it was still sour and the pips were not at all brown. So we decided to let them on the tree for some more sun. Though the birds are picking them this year more than ever before! It's odd.

    1. Hello Calendula!

      I think the magpies are the birds guilty of damaging my apples but I never see them doing it. I hope your apples ripen soon. It's so rewarding to have fruit from your own trees.

      Thanks for visiting us!

  3. Avec un peu de boudin le chat serait encore plus content !
    Au fait, ces pommes sont elles acides ? J'adore les pommes acides...impossible d'en trouver ici, rien que du sucré...Yeurk !

    1. I meant "sour" in the meaning of not ripe. They are not really sugar-sweet afterwards. We make apple juice and cider of most of them - and therefor you need a special not too sweet sort. Mostly the "old" apple-sorts are the best. Deb's apples look like an "old" sort. They are the best!

    2. These apples are for eating not cider so they are nice and crisp with a slight tartness. Very nice, when you can get them before the birds do. As for the cat, he would rather eat the birds! ; )


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