More Letters from America

I'm not one of those people who sit and wait for the Postman to deliver the mail.  It's usually just junk or bills so I don't have any great expectations when I hear the clunk of the letter box.  Every once in a while we get a nice surprise. Usually it comes in a large brown envelope marked 'Air Mail'.   This week we got one of those nice big envelopes containing more letters from America!

Inside the Air Mail parcel were two notes from our American nieces, Sara and Jessica and some wonderful artwork!  I won't tell you what the letters said, that's private, but I'd love to the share the artwork with you.  Jessica painted this beautiful parrot.  She is very interested in all sorts of animals.  I think she may grow up to be a zoologist.  

Sara did this very colourful painting featuring her name.  I think the colour combination is lovely and matches Sara's bright and bubbly personality.  Both paintings are smashing and Uncle Andy and I really enjoyed them.

I suppose that's why so many people wait in excited anticipation for the Postman to come. They just might get a big brown envelope filled with lovely surprises!

Thank you Jess and Sara for the great mail.  A BIG thank you to their mom, Jena, who so kindly arranged for our special delivery.  We really appreciate it!


  1. What great paintings, two very talented nieces! It's so much nicer when the postman brings something other than bills and junk mail :)

    1. Thank you, I was pleased with them. Now the girls are busy writing their own entries for a blog they share with their mom. They even do their own typing! : ) *proud auntie face*


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