Celia's Fabulous Fried Jam Sandwich

It's the same all over the world, I suppose.  Children come home from school   'starving' hungry and have to have a snack.  Some grab a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, some get a bowl of cereal.  For me, it was usually a bologna sandwich which was mostly consumed by Chuckie, our big grey and white cat.  Chuck and I would sit in Dad's big reclining chair,  munching away and watch cartoons.  

Meanwhile in England, a little girl named Celia, would come home from school starving hungry.  Her mother would make her a fried jam sandwich and she would watch cartoons cheerfully munching away.  I don't know if she shared her sandwich with her cat, we didn't really discuss that part.

Celia's description of a fried jam sandwich intrigued me, so I had to try to make one for myself.   Here is how I did it:

Make a jam sandwich in the usual way,  using a big spoonful of jam.  Celia's was raspberry jam but I prefer strawberry.   

In a wide bowl, beat one egg.  Dip the sandwich into the beaten egg, allowing the egg time to soak into the bread.

Place a frying pan over low to medium heat and add a knob of butter or a little vegetable oil.  

When the oil is hot, gently place the sandwich into the pan and fry on one side until golden brown.  Turn the sandwich over and cook the other side.  

Place the fried jam sandwich on a plate and dust with icing sugar for an extra treat.  Serve immediately, cartoons are optional.

Thanks to Celia Hart for sharing her favourite childhood snack and a lovely memory.  


  1. I hasten to add, it was only an occasional treat!
    and it really should be called Janet's Fabulous Fried Jam Sandwich - as it is my Mum's recipe ;-)

    btw it goes really well with an episode of Scooby-Doo :-)

    Celia xx

    1. In future it shall be known as 'Janet's Fabulous Fried Jam Sandwich' with a side of Scooby Doo. : )X

  2. This is funny. I know this, too. It's called "Arme Ritter" (= Poor Knights). And putting some jam, or vanilla sugar onto it makes them to "Reiche Ritter" (Wealthy Knights). Seems to be more "international" as I thought! :-)

    1. I find it fascinating how different countries and cultures have the same dishes. I wonder if this was 'discovered' separately in different countries or it was taken by travelers to other lands. : ) I love the name, Wealthy Knights.

  3. This sounds great! I know what I'm going to do when I get home today!
    (and the timing is perfect, Scooby Doo is on Cartoon Network as soon as I get home from work!)

    Thanks for posting!

    1. Excellent! I told Celia you were going to make her sandwich AND watch Scooby Doo. : )


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