The C.A.R.E. Package

Writing a blog makes you think 'outside the box', always looking for a way to present a recipe, or tell a story.  Today I was going to write about a box filled with cookies or cake and call it a C.A.R.E. Package.  

Curious about the origins of the C.A.R.E.  Package, I went to Wikipedia to read up on the subject.   Now I don't feel like being glib about one of the biggest and most important Relief Programs in modern history.  Please take a moment to read about C.A.R.E.   It is modern history in a brown cardboard box.

CLICK ON THIS LINK   The C.A.R.E. Package  


  1. Well, I knew about the food parcels but I had no idea they were called CARE packages. Thanks for the link. A thought provoking read.

    1. It was a revelation to me. I knew about the CARE program in the 1960's but I knew nothing of it's origins during WWII.


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