Oat and Apricot Cookies

I did something I try NOT to do this morning...go to the supermarket on a Saturday.  We only have one full size grocery store in our town so, needless to say, it's always busy.  Saturdays are crazy busy!  

I wouldn't have done it except things were getting desperate here; no milk, no eggs, no flour, no onions or carrots, and no oats.  So off I went at the crack of sparrow fart* to do the grocery shopping.  I suppose I was lucky.  Maybe it was just too early for most people to be out on a Saturday morning but it went pretty well....no serious trolley rage and I even got everything on my list.  Well, OK, I forgot one thing but that's not bad for me.  

I don't know why, but have you noticed oats come in bags big enough to feed horses!  These bags are enormous.  Where are you supposed to store all that? Well, I couldn't find a space for all the oats so I put as much as I could in my giant oatmeal jar and used the rest to make these....oat and apricot cookies.

Yes, the one thing I forgot was raisins or these would have been oatmeal raisin cookies.  The dried apricots make a lovely change.  All you have to do is FOLLOW THE RECIPE FOR THESE TRADITIONAL OATMEAL COOKIES and substitute chopped dried apricots for the raisins. 

And now I've realised I've forgotten something else but I refuse to go back to the supermarket for it...not on a Saturday afternoon.  

I'm going to stay here and have tea and oat and apricot cookies.  

*Crack of sparrow fart = very early in the  morning


  1. I absolutely hate shopping on Saturdays, it drives me nuts, we are out for Sunday Lunch, and after will be popping in somewhere to see if there are any last minute bargains so I hope its not to crazy,

  2. These look delish, I love the idea of swapping out the raisins for a different dried fruit, now thinking of trying chopped dried apple rings as well. Your comment about the big bags of oats made me laugh though - I buy mine in 5kg bags because we eat porridge for breakfast every day, we get through them pretty quickly!

    1. I think dried apples would be lovely, I can't imagine how many oats a 5kg bag must hold. You certainly could make a lot of cookies! : D


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