Unseasonably Peachy

I make it a rule to try to eat locally sourced foods in season but some times the market will have an out-of-season fruit so beautiful I can't resist it.   These white peaches from Spain were my latest transgression.  You will recognize them from the photograph at the top of this page.

I was pretty sure they would be hard as bullets when I bought them ...and they were. I hoped they would ripen in time but they started to wrinkle rather than ripen.  It was time to use them or loose them.  

I find that slightly under ripe peaches are greatly improved by peeling them, slicing then into bite sized pieces, and macerating them with a spoonful of sugar.  The tricky part is the peeling.  

Here's an easy trick that will work on peaches and tomatoes.  Place the fruit into a large bowl, pour over boiling water and wait for about 60 seconds.  Remove the peaches from the hot water and let them cool for a minute or two.  Using a paring knife, the skins should easily slip off the flesh.  

I used a spoonful of vanilla sugar for these lovely peaches, then placed them in the refrigerator for an hour or two.  The sugar softens the flesh and makes a delicious syrup from the juice.  I have to say, these tasted just as good as they looked!  


  1. I love peaches and nectarines so much, devour them all summer long, and try to extend the season as far as I can so, like you, I often end up with fruit more beautiful than delicious which will never ripen. I know this and yet I still can't help myself! So now I know what to do when foolishness strikes ... X

    1. If this fails, there is always peach cobbler! ; )x

  2. Mouthwatering pictures of the peaches and thank you for the idea, I definitely will try this.


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