Afternoon in the Garden

I have had a very busy couple of days so blogging has been put on hold.  Actually, I have been working on my potting skills and have managed to get a few bowls into the kiln.  If the firing and glazing is successful I'll show them to you.  In the mean time, I have taken a few snaps of some of the incredibly bright flowers blooming in the garden.  

We've had a couple of very sunny, warm days and suddenly everything looks almost tropical.  This crocosmia glows a golden orange when the sun shines through it's flowers.

The slugs and snails ate most of my nasturtiums but the ones that survived are finally in bloom.

And the roses have hit a second flush of flower.

This rose is called Jude the Obscure and is the most amazing cup shape.

This little rosebud reminds me of the frosting roses on birthday cakes with it's candy pink colour.

The bees are enjoying the warm weather.  The garden seems to be full of them this afternoon.

These sweet peas are the most luminous colour.  My next door neighbour gave them to me as tiny seedlings.  How nice is that? I cut a few every day to bring into the house.  They have a wonderful fragrance.

Some of the summer flowers are just about finished for the season, but the late summer buds are just coming on.  

When the Black-Eyed Susans and the anemones start to open, I know summer won't last much longer.

But today has been the perfect summer day.  I think this bumble bee has the right idea,  we should all enjoy the good weather and the lavender blossoms while they last.   


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