Fabulous Photos by Vadim Trunov

I feel so guilty.  All summer I have waged war on slugs and snails.  These wonderful photos by Vadim Trunov have made me see the error of my ways.  

This little snail looks at the sky, thinking, 'Will this rain Never stop?'

He trudges on, if snails can trudge.  Whew! That was close.  He was nearly struck by a raindrop!

In an effort to stay dry, he climbs up on a mushroom.  It's a precarious perch and he nearly topples into the puddle.

Finally, our little snail finds shelter under a thick stem.  Unfortunately, he has to share it with a rather silly grasshopper, still it's nice to be out of the rain.

If these charming photos haven't made a soft spot in your heart for snails, I don't know what will!  OK, snails get a second chance in my garden.  Slugs are another matter all together!  

Click on the embedded link for more beautiful photos by Vadim Trunov .


  1. Hi!
    It's me, Jessica! It's funny you posted this because we found a snail about a week ago and he looks a lot like that one! ;D We kept him and named him Speedy. He is very fun to watch. Sometimes we see a slug or two, or five, or eight! Occasionally we get a toad in our window well. Have you ever caught a snail nibbling your leaves? ;)
    Type you soon, Jessica

    1. I think snails are very cute but slugs are a bit too slimy. I suppose slugs are just like snails without shells. Both slugs and snails have eaten a lot of my plants this year. Then the hedgehog comes in and eats the slugs! The blackbirds eat the snails. I find lots of empty snail shells in the garden. Do you have a special home for Speedy or does he just stay outside in your garden? : )

  2. Sara here!
    Over here at home Jess and I loooooove snail.We haave one at home.His name is Speedy.WE read abot teme and 1 of the things was thay like a drop of bear!I think that snail's are funny!!!


    1. I think Speedy is an excellent name for a snail. Do you know, they have snail races at some school fairs here! They paint the snails' shells different colors so you can tell them apart. I think it must take a very long time to watch a snail race. : ) I've heard that snails like beer. I wonder if it makes them tipsy? How do you know if a snail is drunk?

    2. Speedy stays in a container in my room. He LOVES lettuce. It is fun to watch him eat. Today I found him asleep under his lettuce. Tell Uncle Andy Beefy and I say hi!
      Love, Jessica xoxo

    3. Hi!The snail races sound very very slow,fun and cool!We did a frog race.I am surprised that our mom let us do that since she really does not like frogs. We saved two toads in our window well on Sunday!


    4. It must be really interesting to be able to watch Speedy. I only see my snails in the garden for little while each day so I have never seen one asleep. I have seen how they eat leaves though! : ) And green beans...they ate ALL of my green beans! : P And some of my strawberries.

      I think a frog race would be much more exciting than a snail race. At least it would be faster! I am so glad you both love animals so much. Uncle Andy and I love them, too. Even the slimy, stinky, scary ones!

      Take good care of Speedy and the toads. They all have very important jobs in nature.

      Thanks for your comments. We love hearing from both of you and Beefy, too. : )

      Lots of love to my two sweethearts!
      Aunt Debs X and you know who =^.^=


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