Black Cat Awareness Day

This is a footnote to Le Chat Noir.  According to Cat's Protection, a wonderful charity dedicated to the welfare of all cats, black cats are often overlooked when potential owners visit their Adoption Centres.  

They don't say why...perhaps black is just not as flashy a colour. Perhaps black cat's just blend into the background.   Perhaps people cling to old superstitions of black cats and bad luck.  Our little Dust Bunny was adopted from a Cat's Protection Centre and we feel very lucky to have him in our lives.  

If you are looking for a kitten or cat to add to your family, please consider adopting from a Cat's Protection Centre or your local animal rescue charity.  If you can't adopt a cat or kitten, you can still help to provide love and support by volunteering or donating to these wonderful charities.   The Dust Bunny and all his mates would be most grateful!  

Click on the link below to see a special video made for Black Cat Awareness Day.   The film is called 'Billy Noir-Mates'.  You won't believe the size of this cat suit!  =^.^=