The Great French Bean Failure of 2012

I am not known for admitting defeat.  I think I could safely say I am rather tenacious.  My brother once called me a Rottweiler!  It was one of the proudest moments of my life!  But I am no fool, either.  I know when I am whipped and whipped I am by a combination of wet weather, slugs and temperamental French Bean plants!  

Regardez mes haricots vert! Merde!   That's it, the whole crop!  

Last year we had so many French beans that I gave them away.  This year there were four!   Four beans which were harvested from four different plants. I tried, honestly, I did.  I planted two different kinds of bean seeds, some indoors and some outdoors.  I fed the plants and did late night slug patrol, even administered the dreaded slug pellets... but to no avail.

So sad and withered are these pathetic beans, that I can't bring myself to try to eat them. They will be taking that long ride to the municipal composting centre along with the mutilated remains of the plants who bore them.  Rest in peace, little haricots vert.  The Rottweiler may have been muzzled but not for long.  I'll be back!


  1. You are not alone :) My French beans failed miserably this year too. Where there are failures there are also successes my lettuce and broad beans have given me my best ever crops.

    I'm sure next year will be better for French Beans, lets hope ;)


    1. Oh thanks, Angela. I feel better now. I just couldn't believe how awful they were. You are right, I had wonderful strawberries and early lettuce so not a total write off this year. Fingers crossed for better beans in 2013.

      Deb : )


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