The Great Crunchie Game

The Dust Bunny loves games!  There are several that we play. One of his favourites is the Crunchie Game.  The crunchies we use are a very smelly cat treat.  You throw the crunchie up in the air and the Dust Bunny either catches it in mid-air or has to find where it lands.  The Crunchie Game is lots of fun and for the Dust Bunny, delicious!   

Here are some photos of the Dust Bunny in action....

You can see the crunchie is in play.

And he's off!

Crunchie number two is in the air...

The Dust Bunny leaps into action!

He nearly hooks it before it hits the ground....

but the crunchie has landed in the grass.

One last toss of the crunchie, it looks like a high one.

The Dust Bunny launches toward the flying crunchie.....

Did he catch it before it hit the ground?  I'm not sure, we will have to wait for the instant replay!


  1. Ooo, what lens did you use? Great shots! :)

    1. Uncle Andy took those photos while I tossed the crunchies. I will have to ask him what lens it was. I know it was so big it looked like a cannon..I mean the weapon not the brand! ; )

    2. WoW!dust bunny looks sooooooooooo cool.I wish I had a cat.Bubbels is so pretty.he relly goes for the snack;)Do you know how old Bubbels is?type soooooon;]


    3. Bubbles LOVES playing games. He is very fast and can jump really high! He is between 4 and 5 years old, that means he is a grown up cat but he still plays like a kitten sometimes. He is so much fun!

      Love ya!
      Aunt Debs X


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