The Old Church House Inn at Torbryan

My Mum-n-Law's friend, Dorrie, is down for a short visit. She's a London girl so we wanted to treat her to a proper Devon Sunday lunch.  It's always a bit tricky finding just the right place.  We wanted great food, a lovely location and a cosy environment where we could relax and enjoy ourselves.

The Old Church House Inn  at Torbryan was the perfect choice.  This ancient inn, nestled in a lush green valley, was built in the 13th Century. 

Some of the more modern additions to the decor date back to the time of Henry VIII, including a set of Tudor skittles. 

The wooden panelling in the bar is from a Tudor galleon.

You can have a drink near the fire in the bar and chat with the locals or have a meal in one of the five dining rooms.

The food is locally sourced and delicious. We especially enjoyed the fish pie, cottage pie, and steak and ale pie. 

Afterwards, we moved to the Snug for coffee and mints.   Filled with comfy over-stuffed chairs and a huge inglenook fireplace, you could easily settle in for the afternoon.  The friendly staff would make sure you had everything you need.  

The Old Church House Inn is one of our favourite Sunday outings. After today, I think it might be one of Dorrie's favourite places, too.


  1. What a lovely pub. It looks - and sounds - so cosy. I particularly love the stonework.

    And Deb, your photographs are always so good!

    1. Thanks, Denise! This is a truly special place. The staff are wonderful, especially Darrell, the barman and front of house. The food is classic British fare but perfectly executed. Add in the beautiful rural surroundings and historic building and you have the recipe for a perfect Sunday afternoon.

      I got lucky with the photos. My camera wasn't setup properly and I shouldn't have gotten any photos at all! I think the pub ghost helped me out! : )


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