Almost Like an Easter Egg Hunt

In the States, Easter baskets are a big deal.  Well, they were in my family and not just for the children.  My Granny gave me an Easter basket filled with candy every year until she moved to Illinois to live with my Mom and Dad and I was VERY grown up at the time!

The Easter baskets aren't that popular here in Britain but the Easter Bunny delivers HUGE chocolate eggs to the children here.  Since we are very grown up we buy our own Easter treats.  It gives the Bunny more time to take care of the children.  

It's sort of like an Easter Egg Hunt all through our house.  There's a big chocolate bunny and some eggs in the sitting room ...

And miniature baskets filled with miniature eggs on the coffee table.

All of them have signs pointing the way to the next Easter treat.

The best treats are in the big Easter basket on the hall table.  There is even a BIG golden egg just like the ones the Easter Bunny delivers.  Did you notice, I used the pink shred from my special parcel to line the big Easter basket?

Andy and I will nibble on some of the little eggs but that big one has to be saved for Easter!


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  2. We have Easter baskets and Easter nests filled with various things. And when we were kids, all these things were hidden somewhere outside (or in the house - depending on the weather) and we had to find it. An exciting game!

    1. We used to have a big village Easter Egg Hunt in the local park when I was a child. The local shop owners provided the coloured eggs and gave out little gifts. The merchants' names were written on their sponsored eggs and we took our eggs to their shops to collect the little treats they handed out. The shop owners knew all the children and we knew all the shop owners. It was the most exciting day of the year!


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