An Old Fashioned Easter - Vintage Cards

I am old fashioned, unashamedly so.  I love all things antique, rustic, shabby-chic and vintage, like these old Easter cards. 

I think they are charming, especially this dandy little bunny with his top hat.

This chap is more March Hare than Easter Bunny.

This rabbit looks as if he his guarding the Easter Egg rather than delivering it.

Now we know how all those Easter eggs get delivered on time.  It's a big family business!

All of these vintage Easter cards can be found by visiting THE GRAPHICS FAIRY  She has lots of vintage images you can use for FREE.


  1. These vintage Easter cards are lovely! I admit - I'm old fashioned, too!

    1. All the best people are a little old fashioned. And everyone is a little old fashioned about something! : )


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