Rainy Day Kitty

March is said to come in like lion.  Well, it's certainly lived up to it's reputation the past two days!  The weather has been ghastly, rain lashing down and the wind blowing a wild gale.

Most of us are eagerly awaiting Spring, but no one is more impatient with the weather than the little Dust Bunny.

He doesn't mind cold weather.  His thick coat keeps most of the cold at bay.

But he gets quite grumpy when it rains!  It makes his fur spikey.....

And the fur between his toes gets mucky!

Worst of all, he can't patrol his patch in the allotments.  

As we all know, too much rain is boring!

Sometimes the best thing to do is get your blankie and have a nap on the sofa while the rain beats against the windowpane.  I am sure he is dreaming of a sunny Spring day.


  1. I'm with the dust bunny - can't wait for spring! But no sign of it yet :(

    1. We had a glimmer of false hope a few days ago but that's been washed away by this relentless rain. :{

  2. Wonderful picture-story of your cat king! Cats can be sometimes so "ungracious" (in their own special way), when it rains and the well done fur would get wet and muddy! As if it is all your fault, that it rains outside! :-)
    I don't know, if your Dust Bunny is that way - our's were! ;-)

    1. He seems to think I can make it stop raining. He meows at me imploringly as if he is asking me to turn it off. Perhaps he is just doing what we humans do, complain about the weather! : )


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