Baking Update - Butterfly Cookies

I've just finished baking and decorating our Butterfly Cookies for Easter tea.  

Every time I use Royal Icing I make a HUGE mess.  I even have pink icing in my hair!  

I baked some bunny shaped cookies too, but they were just too weird looking for words,  so we ate them immediately.  They tasted good even if they were a bit ugly. That's the great thing about baking, you can eat your mistakes!  Back to the kitchen. Time to tidy up. 

P.S.  If you'd like to bake some chocolate cut out cookies you can find the recipe HERE


  1. You are *so* *good* at icing. These make my heart sing just looking at them. Why don't you live just around the corner so I could come and buy some from you? Hmmm?

    1. Oh, you are so kind! I couldn't possibly sell these cookies but I could probably work out a deal with you. How about a year's worth of cookies for one of your wonderful baskets? : ) Deal?

  2. Replies
    1. They were lots of fun to bake and decorate! : )


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