A Passion for Fashion - The Chaps

As you recall from my previous post,  the VELO VINTAGE Occasion and Ride is not just about bicycles.  The riders are just as passionate about fashion.  I am not talking about your run of the mill Marks and Sparks togs, but real classic, vintage STYLE! 

From boaters to bowlers, top hats and tails, the gents bring back a time when a chap's best friend was his tailor. 

I noticed that there were one or two Pith Helmets about.

This fine fellow had a furry friend who coordinated perfectly with the Pith! 

The addition of a ukulele was a stroke of genius! 

And what girl can resist a man in a uniform?

Flat caps and goggles were a popular combination.  Love the braces!

This year is the 150th anniversary of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, so what could be more appropriate than a Mad Hatter's top hat!

But my favourite was this classic, all-round, proper chap's attire.

Next time... we'll take a look at the lovely ladies.  

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  1. Love it!! It looks like it was a great day :)

  2. They really had a passion for fashion, especially last chap dressed in classic style, but I love the others too, the helmeth men are so funny. Looking forward to the ladies.


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