The Velo Vintage Occasion and Ride

I am not easily impressed.  It takes a lot for something to seem extraordinary to me but I have to say what I witnessed this Saturday was FANTASTIC.  

It all began at about nine o'clock at the cricket club as a group of dedicated cyclist assembled for the VELO VINTAGE 8th Occasion and Ride.  One by one they sort of drifted in, on classic bicycles and velocipedes,  everyone dressed to the nines!  

It was a sight to behold!  There were chaps in tweed and magnificent moustaches.

The ladies looked lovely do they cycle in those shoes?

We even saw a World War I flying ace!

Everyone is welcome to participate, even the family pet.  Daisy, who looked smashing in her shades and tweed jacket, was ready to ride.

Tilly has a special basket especially for the occasion.

After a spot of tea and a bacon sarnie, everyone did a quick inspection of their equipment to make sure all was in order.

A quick pressure check was made.

Then a group photo was taken to mark the occasion, complete with the Mayor and Town Crier.

And they were off! 

For more information on the upcoming VELO VINTAGE EVENTS CLICK HERE!


  1. Oh what fun. I would love to have seen this. There is something in me that yearns for the days when most people travelled by bike rather than car.

    1. This was a lovely event. Everyone looked great and they were a lovely bunch of people.

  2. How wonderful and eccentric!

  3. This is really fun. I could not help laughing when I looked at the pictures.

    1. It was so much fun! The photos don't do them justice.

  4. Oh wow - what lovely pictures! It looks like a lot of fun, and the outfits are great.


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