Doomed from the Start!

We are about to experience a rare occurrence here in Britain, a heat wave! Most normal people are looking forward to a hot spell of real summer time weather but I HATE it!  I immediately began to make provisions, bake bread, cook the cat's chicken. Yes, I cook chicken especially for the cat.  And for myself, I thought I'd bake some little pink cakes.  

I envisioned them in pretty pink paper cases, piped icing roses on the top, all very girly.   Lost in this fantasy, I began the usual process of photographing my progress.  CLICK when the camera,  SPLAT went the lens hood - straight into the bowl of batter. 

Undaunted, I fished out the lens hood and proceeded to bake the cakes.  They smelled wonderful.  The oven timer when DING and I grabbed the first tray of cakes with an oven-gloved hand.  They jiggled in the paper cases, slightly under-baked.  Back into the oven the little cakes went.  

Five minutes later, the oven timer dinged again.  Out came the cakes, standing tall with perfectly domed tops... which fell like bad souffles as soon as they hit the cool kitchen air. 

Worst of all, the little pink cakes weren't actually PINK!  I suppose I should have known from the start this wasn't going to turn out as planned.  Oh, I'll eat them but instead of piping delicate pink roses on them I'll probably bury them under a mound of strawberries and cream.  I hope the heat wave doesn't last long.  I am going to need to bake some proper cakes soon!   


  1. It happens to us all I'm afraid we all have the days when it doesn't go to plan, I have been out shopping today to get some bread flour I am going to try your Honey & Oatmeal bread recipe x

  2. There must be something in the air as my pastries didn't turn out how I wanted them too either! My husband always says it's no big deal if something doesn't turn out and he's right to a point it's not the end of the world, but it doesn't mean it's not frustrating!

    I hope they still tasted good under cream and strawberries!

  3. Yes here too a heatwave this week, it's already rather warm and I'm not charmed of it. The cakes will be delicious with strawberries and cream.

  4. Oh no! I'm sure they tasted nice though. I'm with you on the heatwave. I like warm sunny weather but when it gets really hot I retreat indoors!

  5. Thanks to you all for your kind comments. Needless to say, ugly cakes get eaten just as quickly as pretty ones do at our house. Perhaps even faster... quick, eat the evidence! : Dx


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