A Passion for Fashion - The Ladies

There is an old show business saying that goes like this, 'Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but she did it backward and in heels'!  Well, that what's came to mind when I saw all the ladies dressed in their colourful frocks and gorgeous shoes at the VELO VINTAGE Occasion and Ride.

I mean, I loved all the beautiful dresses and ADORED all the T-strapped shoes but I couldn't stop wondering how they were going to ride in them.

Of course the answer was...very well, thank you!

These ladies didn't just dress the part.  Their hair and makeup were period perfect.

The attention to detail was incredible.  This little dog wore a bow tie which matched the ribbons in her owner's hair.  

Hat, handbag, and even white cotton gloves completed this ensemble.  

 How lovely does this lady look with her layers of net petticoats and strings of pearls.  Once again, those shoes are to die for!  

The chaps wore those natty tweeds and pith helmets but the ladies did it with great style and in HEELS!  


  1. Darling Debs, This is the most marvelous outing that I have even seen . . . oh how I wish I could have been there. I love all the vintage dresses and hair styles. I've lived in the States all my life, but my heart is in the UK. People there seem to have a fun loving whimsy that they never grow out of . . . that's me. Thank you so much for sharing your outing with us. I love everything about this post, expect that I am not there enjoying this beautiful day with all of you.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  2. Oh such a vision they all are! I look at the past and think they had something right! Dressing up and taking pride in their wardrobe....just a different time! These ladies are all stunning!! Thank you for passing on this stunning inspiration! Nicole xo


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