Ladies in Lavender - Granny's Cakes

I'm not a fan of the colour purple, but my Granny was.  Actually, she would have called it lilac or lavender... never purple!   When I think of ladies in lavender, I think of fragile, elderly ladies with rouged pink cheeks and walking sticks.  That certainly wasn't Granny!  

This week marks the anniversary of her death in 1997.  So when I baked cakes for Sunday tea  I used lavender cupcake cases and purple frosting for Granny. 

Our family got hit by a double whammy that fateful week in November 1997.  Within 24 hours Granny's youngest sister passed away too.  It was sad to loose them both but I can't help thinking how lovely it was that they made that journey together.  

And I know, if there is Sunday tea where they are now, they would be tucking into lilac frosted cupcakes and gossipping with all the other ladies in lavender!


  1. These are just beautiful, and I love the different icing designs you did. Just lovely!

    1. Thanks D. This was my first attempt at using a piping bag to frost cupcakes. I know my technique needs improving but it was great fun.

  2. "Hi, our dads favrit color is puple(in this case lavender)My 1st favrit color is green then clear ha ha ,and last violet".


    1. I didn't know your Dad's favorite color was purple! Green is a great color, too. I can't decide what my favorite color is but Uncle Andy likes blue.

      Aunt Deb x


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