River Cottage Canteen - Plymouth

For lunch today, we had a bit of a splurge!   As a treat, we went to the River Cottage Canteen in Plymouth.   

Housed in the old Royal William Victualling Yard , the Canteen feels historic and modern at the same time.   

Dining at either of the River Cottage Canteens is always casual and comfortable, but with the sea views and ships passing outside the window, this location seems positively tranquil. 

The decor is shabby chic, make do and mend, up-cycled.... you know what I mean. Take a look at the snug!

And on the menu today....

I had the ham in mustard cream with a mountain of mashed potatoes!

The open kitchen means you can watch the chef as he prepares your meal.  I always find that fascinating. There is a deli counter if you don't have time to sit down to a meal or just want to take something tasty home for later. 

Since we were making a day of it, we indulged our sweet tooth and had dessert.  This was my creme brulee.   

Victualling yards were the food preparation and storage depots for the Royal Navy. It seems appropriate that the River Cottage Canteen is there.  I feel very well fed!  


  1. Very nice place! I like those interesting windows: only the middle part of it can be opened! I never saw this before.

    1. This was an old Naval Yard and full of interesting buildings. My husband used to work there years ago so it was nice to have the chance to visit the old place. The food was lovely, too!

  2. Hi,thats such a graet view.I whoid like to go there.Do thay have good food?


    1. Hiya Sara!

      The food was really yummy. Best of all there is a really good aquarium nearby so we could go see the fish after lunch!

      Love ya!
      Aunt Deb : )

  3. I showed this post to the gals at work the other day and we all agreed we would like to be lunching there too! xo

  4. It's such a fascinating old complex of buildings very near the place where the Pilgrims left to sail to America. The history is amazing!


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